Tarot for Kids

Tarot for Kids is, as far as I know, unique. It is a proper 78 card deck, based on the famous Smith Waite version, subtly modified for 8 to 14 year old children.

The image on the box is the Three of Cups, and if typical, suggests that Smith has been followed quite closely. I gather that the changes to the imagery are few, the Death card has been altered, quite appropriately, to Change, and the Lovers to Best Friends.

Included is a 96 page guide book by Theresa Reed, an accomplished Tarot reader and teacher.

As a kid I would have loved a deck like this. Inspired by a brief scene in a film, I invented my own Major Arcana at the age of nine, but I used cereal box cardboard and it never shuffled properly. For the right child, this introduction to the Fool’s Journey would make a wonderful present.