Base load electricity generation for the future – geothermal power

Geodynamics Innamincka 1 MW Pilot Plant at Sunrise
Geodynamics has now commissioned its long awaited 1 megawatt Habanero pilot plant near Innamincka in South Australia.

Australia is fortunate in sitting on top of several vast masses of hot granite, enough to supply base load electricity for the foreseeable future.

I have been following the progress of this project for several years, it has not been an easy ride for them, but the successful commissioning of the pilot plant, and the recent Clean Energy Council (CEC) Innovation Award are pointers to the future.

Geodynamics is one of a number of companies pioneering geothermal energy, at home and in the Asian region, and is probably the furthest advanced at this stage.

Read up on it at the Geodynamics website or go straight to the Habanero video, which also serves as an excellent primer on geothermal power.

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