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Spend an evening with ABC’s dynamic duo John Clarke and Bryan Dawe.

Source: An Almost Definitive Chat with Clarke & Dawe | ACMI


I’ve moved to a new web host, Panthur.

Everything is still here I think but not coming up quite as I would like.

Also I’m not getting comment notification and the linked email address doesn’t work.

I hope to get this sorted soon, and some new stuff posted.

If you want to get from Oxford to the Uffington White Horse, don’t ask Bing, it will tell you it can’t find a road route. This is beacuse it thinks the White Horse is in Mexico, even though it admits the address is in Wiltshire.

Silly Bing!

Bing thinks that the Uffington White Horse in Wiltshire is at B, in Mexico, whereas it is a short drive from Eynsham, A, in Oxforshire.