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If you know anything at all about Zen, you know the famous question about the sound of one hand clapping. While the brain teaser did indeed originate with a Zen master, it does not fully represent the nature of the koan.

Source: What Is a Zen Koan? An Animated Introduction to Eastern Philosophical Thought Experiments | Open Culture

Earlier this year at the hospital, where I am in training as a psychiatry resident, some colleagues were discussing the case of a young woman who had presented with worsening headaches. On CT scan she

Source: Healing Spirits

U.S. Games Systems is more than just the publisher of the Waite Rider pack.

Cards, spreads, symbolism, quizzes, even a recipe for The Empress’ Harvest Wheat Bread.
Obviously they promote their own products, but as the major publisher of Tarot cards they are well worth a visit.

A good place to branch out from is Aeclectic Tarot – Unlike many other sites it is up to date.

Many people have started Tarot sites, but they rarely last.